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3 up 3 down: Giants drop close one to Cowboys

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The Giants lost their unbeaten tag on Sunday but there was still plenty for 3 up 3 down to go over, with plenty of positives to consider before we hit the week 4 game against the Bears.

So without any more waffle let’s get into it.

3 UP 3 DOWN: The Ups

Daniel Jones: It’s been a rough first three years for Daniel Jones but he has shown us a little something this year, and even in the loss to the Cowboys. No he wasn’t perfect, but he continues to execute the short passing game a lot better than I expected, even with what can only be called a dodgy offensive line.

The interception to seal the game after the receiver slipped coming out of his break, wasn’t the greatest throw, but overall the performance will give HC Brian Daboll some food for thought about whether Jones could be the answer going forward.

The dual threat Jones poses shouldn’t be ignored either as he added 79 yards on 7 carries. A very good performance all round.

Saquon Barkley: After so many injuries Barkley showed us again what could’ve been, and helped to take some pressure off his QB as well. 14 carries for 81 yards and a touchdown on the ground and 45 yards on 4 catches showed just how dominant Barkley can be.

The injuries will always be in the back of you mind with Saquon, but they have to find a way to get him more work early in the game so that he can really eat late in the game.

Xavier McKinney: McKinney is one of the new breed of safeties that makes me glad I’m not running routes across the middle. His 6 tackles led the team and he gave up just one of three targets his way for 19 yards. If Kayvon Thibodeaux can develop the way it looks, McKinney will be able to patrol that defensive backfield and make big time players for Big Blue for the next decade.

The Giants look to be building well on the defensive side of the ball and there’s a lot to get excited about.

3 UP 3 DOWN: The Downs

Kenny Golladay: There’s really nowhere else to start than Kenny Golladay. After the big, big, money contract and the hype Golladay is the closest thing to a free-agent bust as you can get. He was 0/3 on targets on the night and a drop.

That took his total to 2 catches for 22 yards on the season. Couple that with his 521-yard 0 touchdown 2021 campaign and if he has any kind of trade value at this point with the massive contract he’s towing I’d be surprised. But if you can ship him for anything I would do it.

Evan Neal: Remember when Evan Neal was the 100% best offensive lineman in the draft and the Giants were lucky to get him at seven? Remember how dominant he was in college? Remember how that was going to be how he played tackle in the NFL?

I’m pretty sure I must have dreamt all of that because Neal has been horrible. Giving up 10 pressures in 3 games (per PFF) and grading out at 27.1 for pass blocking against the Cowboys. I get that the Cowboys have some good players, but this was a horror show from a number seven pick.

Mark Glowinski: Filling out the right side of the offensive line is another player who has given up 10 pressures through three games. Glowinski actually improved his pass block grade in week 3 with a 34.2 (he graded 24.8 in week 2), which shows just how consistently bad he is.

Whether you’re a fan of PFF or not, you really only needed your eyeballs to know that the right side of the Giants line was horrific. It’s a wonder than Daniel Jones is still standing after the show they put on.

There’s a lot of work ahead for the Giants and particularly for offensive line coach Bobby Johnson as the Giants host the Bears in week 4.

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