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Giants downed by Seahawks: 3 takeaways

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The Giants win streak is over after a very disappointing 27-13 defeat in Seattle. How did it all go so wrong? Join us as we pick our three key takeaways from the game.

Saquon needs to touch the ball more

It’s been a theme for the Giants this season to not give Saquon Barkley much ball until the second half of games. But OC Mike Kafka has to sort this out. Barkley had one carry for three yards in the first quarter.

The first 6 plays were ALL passes. Now I get Daniel Jones has looked better this season but he’s not going to win you games by himself on the road. With three starting OL out Jones was running for his life most of the day, and that’s not helped by not establishing the running game and getting into a hole.

Giants RB Saquon Barkley got 1 carry in the first quarter
Giants RB Saquon Barkley got 1 carry in the first quarter

The OL is a disaster zone

It’s hardly news really given the injuries across this unit, but even before that there were major performance issues. However in this game the Seahawks exploited that weakness by blitzing and getting pressure right from the off.

If there are no options in FA still available, and no trade possibilities the Giants will need to be creative and get Jones out of the pocket on bootlegs and stretch that defence across the field to open up some holes. If they don’t Jones will soon be on IR and this good start to the season will evaporate super quickly.

The defence is legit

Despite almost zero help from the offence the defence kept the Giants in this game all the way until the fourth quarter with the score at 10-13. It wasn’t even really the defence that lost the game as two special teams muffed punts cost the Giants field position for 10 of the Seahawks 27.

The defence gave up only one real drive, a 75-yarder in the fourth quarter to give the Seahawks a 20-13 lead. The next Seahawks drive ended in a 3-and-out which was followed by one of those muffs allowing the Seahawks to move 27-13 up after a 32-yard drive.

If the defence keeps playing this well there will always be hope, but the offence has serious issues from personnel to play calling.

Let’s see how the Giants address this going forward and get this train back on the tracks.

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