Saturday, February 4, 2023

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Giants select Azeez Ojulari after trading down

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The usually very steady, pick with what you have Dave Gettleman is at it again, selecting edge Azeez Ojulari with the 50th pick after trading back 8 spots with the Dolphins and bagging a 2022 3rd-round pick in the bargain.

The 6’3″ 240lb Georgia alum racked up 9 sacks in 2020, and averaged a QB pressure better than every 6 snaps. He benched 26 reps and put in 40-yard times in the 4.6-second range. He is a physical freak, can play all three downs, and can even drop in coverage.


Predicted by most mock drafts to go in the first round, mostly in the 20’s, Ojulari’s slide was halted by the Giants who have potentially picked up the drafts best edge defender. The reason Ojulari is such an interesting prospect is he’s really hard to put into one specific role.

Before the draft Azeez Ojulari had this to say, ““I feel like I’m the most bendy and versatile and I got the explosive first step. I can also drop in coverage too. You’re not just getting the pass rush out of me, you’re getting all three downs. I can play all three downs.”

Acquiring a pick in the 2022 Draft and then picking up Ojulari is another win for Dave Gettleman who is, not very quietly, having a very good draft so far.

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