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NFC East Watch Wk 7: Giants keep rolling

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The NFC East watch for week 7 is here as the formerly “NFC Least” has fulled transformed itself into the “NFC Beast”. The Giants kept rolling with a win over the Jags, but how does the East look? Let’s take a look.

NFC East Watch: Eagles bye week 6-0

The Eagles have started the season looking strong on defence, but the offence still has a way to go before you would consider them contenders. 161 points scored through 6 games may be third best in the NFC, but it’s only 11 more than the G-men and 7 (SEVEN) AFC teams have more points.

Yes, some have played more games, but still. As much hype as the Eagles have received under second-year HC Nick Sirianni you’d think they were putting up incredible numbers.

Giants in second on 6-1

No one saw this coming! The Giants continue to roll through week 7 with a stunning 6-1 record on the back of a fourth straight win over the Jaguars. Another fourth quarter comeback has me wondering if Daniel Jones is the second coming of Eli Manning, or just a mirage that will disappear as we hit the meaningful part of the season.

That said, the Giants are still getting no respect, going in to that game against the Jags as a 3-point dog despite the Jags being 2-4. The Jags are probably slightly better than their record suggests, but put some respect on the G-men, cause we’re causing upsets this season.

NFC East Watch: Cowboys look bad at 5-2

Obviously the Cowboys suck, goes without saying. And while Prescott may have been missing for some of these games, you have to admit they have looked horrible on offence this season. Their defence looks great led my Micah Parsons.

The youth on the defensive side of the ball is a concern for the next 10 years, but if the QB position keeps unravelling in Dallas then the Cowboys will never challenge for a SB in the near future. There’s a lot of room for them to improve, but since he got paid Prescott has been either injured or looked a shadow of his former self.

NFC East Watch: Dak Prescott gets sacked verse Lions

Commanders look better with Heinicke at QB

After a baffling trade for Carson Wentz in the off-season, the “Commanders” are back to the QB they should’ve been starting all along. He may not have the greatest ceiling of any of the QB’s currently patrolling the NFC East, but he’s streets ahead of Wentz.

Another East team built on defence, Washington could be dangerous if the stick with Heinicke. but I don’t think they will. Ron Rivera is one of those coaches that thinks he’s smarter than everyone else, and continues to make baffling moves at QB going back to his last year or so in Carolina.

Join us again next week for another look at the greatest division in the NFL.

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